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Tips for Illustrating Biological Pathways

Learn how to illustrate biological pathways with clarity and ease.

4 Tips for Illustrating Biological Pathways

  1. Optimize flow of information (8:11)
  2. Color: saturation, contrast, color blindness (14:58)
  3. Zooming in to show correct scale (25:14)
  4. Consistent lines and arrows (27:40)


Drawing biological pathways is complex and intimidating (2:03), but Shiz shares her expertise in scientific illustration to help you start illustrating better figures today with 4 tips (5:11). Begin by optimizing the flow of information (8:11). Harness key color principles (saturation, contrast and colorblind awareness) to enhance your figure (14:58). Focus the viewers’ attention exactly where you want it by zooming in on key information at the correct scale (25:14). Use consistent lines and arrows to unify your illustration and clearly tell your science story (27:40). Watch Shiz use all these tips in action to create an illustration (44:37).

Meet the expert:  Shiz Aoki, CEO and co-founder of BioRender, shares her 10+ years of expertise as a distinguished science illustrator to help you bring your science to life - visually.

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